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Introduction to Brett C. Kline

An executive-level CRM, Customer Loyalty & Engagement advisory firm that provides provenstrategies and guides execution in helping organizations build better relationships with morecustomers.

In addition to providing advanced marketing strategy services, I devote my time in serving in leadership position with veteran support organizations and other non-profit organizations.

Customer Engagement

Assist organizations develop a omni-channel approach to customer engagement by selecting the right capabilities and instilling culture of deploying a closed-loop discipline of continuous learning.

Veteran Community Support

Encourage the business community to invest in Veteran Owned Businesses to create exponential impact for the benefit of veteran support organizations.

Giving Back

Continuous giving of my time and talents to support not- for-profit organizations with marketing consultation and execution.

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Dean Wegner
Founder and CEO — Authentically American

Brett Kline is an invaluable partner, investor, and trusted advisor for Authentically American. As a new startup, Brett played a key role in partnering with us to develop our overall marketing and communications strategy. Brett has such a broad range of experience and perspective, I reach out to him frequently for advice. We are off to a great start and I know Brett will continue to be actively engaged on our journey to build an iconic American brand.

Robert Millar
Executive Director and CEO — Biblical Business Training

Brett Kline has been an integral part of our team through the development of a coherent and compelling marketing strategy for Biblical Business Training and helping us turn that strategy into a reality. From a full refresh of our brand positioning and visual foundation resulting in a new website, to refining our communication and marketing tools, Brett has been an invaluable partner for BBT. Brett has a gift for grasping the essence of our vision and then translating that vision into imagery and language that enables us to communicate that vision more effectively to support our ministry of equipping and empowering God’s people in the workplace.

Brandon Mann
Managing Partner and CEO Kingdom Capital

Brett Kline is an invaluable strategic marketing partner for Kingdom Capital. At each stage of Kingdom Capital’s organizational development, Brett has provided guidance and support for our brand development and communications strategy. Our ongoing collaboration with Brett enables us to shape the Kingdom Capital story and achieve our vision of seeing capital flowing into God’s Kingdom through our purpose-driven investment and stewardship platform.

Kerry McClenahan
President — Publitek North America

Brett is a highly skilled CMO adept at brand strategy and management, market analysis and segmentation and a top-notch architect of go-to-market strategies. He is able to listen to customers and translate their needs into winning product features and capabilities and brings strong sales leadership and sales enablement expertise to his role as well. In addition, Brett knows how to maximize the use of martech, from CRMs to marketing automation strategy, to ensure very successful execution of integrated marketing programs

Stanford Le
Chief Marketing Officer — Snoqualmie Resort

One of the first impressions I had of Brett was that many of my colleagues had come across the world to join his team in Macau sight unseen. After working with Brett for two years, I soon discovered the reason. He is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable, and genuine leaders with whom I’ve worked. Once Brett has committed to an action, he is relentless in his pursuit to fulfill his promise, whether it is on behalf of his team or in collaboration with another department. From a marketing capabilities and strategy standpoint, one would be hard-pressed to find someone as knowledgeable across different systems, platforms, and processes.

David Norton
Chairman and CMO — GALE Partners

It was a great pleasure working with and managing Brett for six years as he led several of the most challenging change management oriented projects, involving strategy, technology and operational components to revolutionize our VIP Marketing process. Brett struck the right balance of gaining a wide range of input through collaborative cross-functional teams with driving the right outcomes in a decisive way. Brett was well-regarded by his peers for his style, knowledge of the business, work ethic and intellect. The skills he acquired and demonstrated are applicable in a broad array of businesses well beyond casinos. I would eagerly work with him again.

Jesper Bendtsen
Chief People Officer — Top Hat

We partnered with Brett and his team at Caesars Entertainment for much of 2009 & 2010 in support of a large scale salesforce transformation project. It was an absolute pleasure to step into a situation where every detail of this complicated undertaking was so well planned out. Brett showed excellent leadership, strategic planning, and project management skills throughout the engagement. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with Brett again in the future.

Saul Gitlin 冀硕临
Senior Director — Mount Sinai International, LLC (China)

Brett is such a versatile marketing leader — completely comfortable with, and adept at, ‘big picture’ strategic planning, while still being able to roll-up-his-sleeves to immerse himself in — and lead — detailed marketing operations. He’s fair yet firm, friendly yet demanding, and always respectul of any insight, strategy, or tactic that has potential to add real value to his business. I feel quite fortunate to have worked with Brett as my client for almost 5 years.

Impact — Latest Post

I grew up in a military family. My father, Richard, was a graduate of West Point in 1966 and served 26 years as an officer in the Army. When I was growing up, I had the opportunity to be around soldiers, almost daily. Even when I was young, I admired their dedication, loyalty, selflessness, and courage – qualities my father exemplified and instilled in me. In March of 2016, my father passed away after a long battle with cancer. His death has left an immeasurable void in my life. I wanted to find a way to keep my father’s memory alive and to honor the man who was my hero… Read more